This is Charmander's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!


My tail is like a candlestick,
That never burns itself out,
Even in darkness heavy and thick,
My light will shine throughout.

Though this is helpful in a cave,
It's awful when it comes to night,
Instead of sleep we rant and rave,
Who could slumber with all the light?

We must be careful where we sit,
That's really quite a shame,
Vegetation, if our tails land on it,
We send the forest up in flames.

Life is fairly easy now,
Our parents keep us fed,
With healthy portions from the cow,
That the humans have bred.

Our fathers take to the sky,
And come back with lots of meat,
Plenty for the pack and I,
Every day we eat a small feast.

Sometimes the human come,
And try to capture us young,
The number that returned-none.
Our fathers slay every one.

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