This is Mew's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!

Call To FandomEdit

Magical, unattainable.
The perfect original.
Forsaken, forgotten,
Unnecessary, provisional.

Ultimate secret,
Ultimate achievement,
Everyone love.
Then, bereavement.

Never again,
Featured but once,
Old and decrepit,
"Fetus," "Poxy", "Ponce,"

Created on a whim,
Thrusted into import,
A trick, a lie,
A troll's first resort.

The games,
They cheated me,
Easy to see.

But not wholly dead!
Don't forget the random,
Assortment of beauty,
That is the fandom.

Games, dead, stale,
Too unforgiving,
Fandom, breathing, alive,
Totally living.

The subbers,
The spriters,
The coders,
The writers.

Those who take a blank canvas,
And make something worth seeing,
Those who make being a someone
Else's creation, something worth being.

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