This is Ninetales's Poetrydex entry. Comment and enjoy!

Eternal BlissEdit

We are nine saints,
Come as one,
With no restraints
Nine times the fun.

The body we share,
Is under divided control,
Nine divided parts-
You think we feel whole?

Nine sanctimonious bastards,
In one hellish form,
Don't believe in god any more,
Yesterday, we weren't born.

And if a curse,
We lay upon you,
Know that we are
Cursed too.

And if you see us,
As a thing to be admired,
Aesthetic perfection-
Your suffering we'll set afire.

Unto nine different men,
Nine different dead gods,
Because the original,
We have forgot.

A thousand years to live,
A thousand years too long,
Our blasphemies,
Forgotten in this sufferous throng.

We forget so many things,
Like the freedom of individuality,
And what that used to mean.
No more I, it is all we.

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